1. i still think rival dealer is fucking incredible/burial’s best work


  2. nick cave & the bad seeds - the mercy seat (live from kcrw)

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  3. wingnutsadboys-union:


    Future Islands — Seasons (Waiting On You)

    Seasons change
    And I’ve tried hard just to soften you
    Seasons change
    But I’ve grown tired trying to change for you



  5. silentpunk:

    This was a golden age

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  7. i cried when i found out devil in a new dress wasn’t a kanye beat


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  11. i bloody love this record


  12. aaikea-guineaa:

    early Guy’s eyes and i really like it aside from the skip at the near ending

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  13. cinefamily:

    Breadcrumb Trail,  a feature length documentary about the band Slint, screens next week w/ director Lance Bangs & members of the band in person!


  14. i need more records to listen to in the summer apart from waking on a pretty daze and pet sounds